Designing the buying experience to maximize conversion

Behavior = Motivation x Ability x Trigger


Always keep in mind that the potential customer is looking for a product to solve a real “pain” she has. Let’s start with a simple example: Imagine you are running a healthy food delivery startup in your town. You may present it as a company that does food delivery service, emphasizing the “WHAT” you provide. You can take another approach and communicate the “How” you do it: you use only fresh ingredients, deliver in record time, you name it. That’s better, but we can still do it a little better. You might focus on the “Why” another person should buy from you, like make your children eat healthier while you enjoy more time with them.


You should turn the process of acquiring the product into a charm. How do you do it? Not confusing the potential customer, reducing the risk, and reducing barriers. Sounds like a piece of cake but many online stores get it wrong.

Not confusing the customer

In the e-commerce space, it is often said that convention is preferred over innovation. Your customers have already made a bunch of online purchases, and you should definitely take advantage of that education. If you try to reinvent the wheel, users might feel confused at a certain stage and drop off in the middle of the process. Most of them just don’t want to invest the time to understand how it works.

Reduce the risk

When investing in a product or service, there is a risk perception associated with the transaction. This risk is usually related to the value of the product, but not exclusively.

Reduce barriers

This is such a simple principle but often overlooked.

What do I do now?

Learn by listening to your customers’ behavior. There are tremendous tools such as Google Analytics that enable you to get compelling insights on how customers experience your e-commerce.

One more thing

We are Om Lab. An E-Commerce agency based in Chicago and Uruguay (just one hour ahead of NYC). We have more than 20 e-commerce projects under our belt.



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